December 4, 2022


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ACD Systems Releases ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 9 with Face Recognition, New UI Features, and Snapshots

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ACD Systems has announced ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 9. The latest version of the all-in-one photo editor for Mac offers some important interface improvements, as well as face recognition and recognition for naming and organizing your photos. A new Develop window helps you “easily take control of your workflow in Develop mode” and lets you save snapshots of complex image operations.

Photo Studio for Mac 9, which bills itself as “the premier Mac product for all your photography needs,” features a new Info palette to help you keep track of your photos’ metadata. It also includes keyword and category filters to make it easier for you to organize and retrieve images in the future. It also comes with ACDsee Mobile Sync for easy uploading of your smartphone content straight to desktop.

The main new features are pretty well summarized in the video above, which explains what’s new. And there are timestamps for each of the individual bits.

00:32 – Face detection and detection03:25 – Filter keywords and categories03:56 – Remove metadata04:35 – Info palette and histogram management mode04:58 – Info palette view mode05:17 – Show original button view mode05: 44 – Preview snapshot view mode06:38 – Snapshots07:54 – History pane08:15 – Info palette Develop mode08:25 – Develop mode presets

ADCSee Photo Studio for Mac works a bit like Lightroom. It offers “unmatched digital asset management” with the ability to easily find, sort, move, organize and share all your content from one central location. You don’t have to upload or import anything and you can rate your images, add keywords, tags, categories, location data and labels for easier sorting and searching. The new Info Palette and Histogram pane make it even easier to see more data about your images.


View mode allows you to examine your images in great detail, with AI-powered facial recognition and facial recognition that helps you find all images of specific people. Also, you can switch back and forth between the already edited images to the original version of the image. And of course, this editing process is non-destructive in Develop mode with a suite of tools including tonewheels and color EQ. You have skin tuning as well as the usual healing and cloning tools. And if you want to find out if RAW files are supported by your camera, here’s a full list.

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 9 is available now for an introductory price of $89.95. However, this offer will end in a few weeks and the price will go up to the regular $99.99. Exclusive upgrade pricing is also available for existing users of previous versions of ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac. As a Windows user, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. You have Photo Studio Ultimate!

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