December 4, 2022


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An easy way to afford new gear this peak season

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With Black Friday approaching by the day, we’re all excited about the massive discounts on photography gear this busy 2022 season. Indeed, there have been exciting new releases from many camera brands making this season like no other. If you want to learn how to afford all the cool purchases, this article is for you.

Despite the discounts, photographic equipment costs a lot. As a used buyer, I still spend quite a bit of money on gear. The camera alone costs over a thousand dollars. Sure, you can pick up a 5D Mark II for $300, but let’s be realistic, a lot of people are looking forward to the Fall/Winter season of top-of-the-line discounts and new-device sales. Regardless of your money habits, freeing up funds for high-season sales needs to be high on your priority list if you’re looking to buy new gear in 2022. To that end, I have a simple tip for you – sell your old gear for a pretty penny now. And that with MPB.

Selling old gear yourself can be a problem, here’s how it almost went bad for me

Before you click away, let me tell you how selling old gear almost got bad for me. As someone who has never bought a new camera, or frankly very little new gear, I thought I knew a thing or two about selling used cameras and other gear. In short, it can be tedious when you have to do all the work yourself. So much so that I was threatened once and almost scammed the other time. Both were near misses that I might have fallen for. All of this could have been avoided if I had been smarter about selling my gear and selling it through MPB.

The story of when I was threatened is as follows: I sold a reasonably working lens. In the advertisement for the above lens, I made it clear in black and white that the lens has problems. Sure, that meant I sold it for a lot less and had trouble finding a buyer. It took a few months to find someone interested. After I sold the lens I received a message that the lens was not working. Quite so, I replied, it doesn’t, as stated in the ad (attachment of a screenshot). What followed was a series of threats to find me and get the money back.

The fast and easy way to sell used equipment: MPB

As you can see, selling used equipment could have gotten bad for me, which is why I should have used a service like MPB. MPB makes it super easy to sell but also to buy used equipment.

Even if you’re not like me and don’t want to take the small risk of buying used gear, it’s important to get rid of your old gear. It’s not easy, and I know exactly how it feels to sell your first DSLR, lens, etc., but it goes towards a bigger goal: better gear. Let me give you the simple step-by-step process on how to make money ahead of the 2022 Seasonal Offers.

The first step to making money is to log in to and select the “Start Trading/Selling” option. First you need to tell the site what you are going to sell. Most of the time, MPB already has the item you are selling in their catalog and it will show up in the search drop down window. If you’re selling something rare, you can always select the “I can’t find the model” option and specify exactly what you have. Next you need to select the condition of the item you are selling. The gear I own is all in “well used” condition, so I won’t bother anyone to say it doesn’t have scratches because it does. As an example, let’s set the condition to “good” since that’s what most photographers will have. If you’re not sure, see the description to help you choose the right condition. However, if you don’t, don’t worry. MPB will inspect your equipment and if they feel it is in better condition than you have stated they will increase their offer. This also works the other way around.

Another feature I found particularly useful is the ability to add multiple items. For someone looking to upgrade from one system to another, or perhaps swapping kits from one brand for another, this is incredibly useful. In a way, it’s almost like swapping with a friend, except your friend is MPB, who gives you a 6 month guarantee, not just “an honest word”.

After adding your item, you can even choose something to buy in exchange. This can be anything from the catalog on the site. In my example I will upgrade my Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 from version I to version II.

Step two is getting your quote. At the time of writing, I would get $480 for my Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 and would only have to pay $779 to upgrade to the second version of the lens. While the amount MPB pays may be a bit less than what you can earn by selling the equipment privately, you have to rely on the amount of work they put into selling your equipment as well as the upfront payment. The icing on the cake is that shipping to and from MPB is free. The final step is to send your item to MPB or arrange for your doorstep collection, which is extra convenient.

My takeaways and why I would be using MPB in 2022

MPB offers incredibly good deals, and it takes the guesswork and time investment out of the hassle I would have gone through if I otherwise tried to do the same.

Imagine I need to create an ad for my lens, find a buyer, ship it, pay for shipping, and so on and so on. I won’t get my money until there is a buyer and I wouldn’t be able to buy a new lens until I sell my old one and find someone to sell a new one. Overall, this can take weeks if not months. It all depends on how the market is in your area. MPB makes it much easier, faster and more convenient to sell, buy and exchange equipment.

As you can see, MPB is probably one of the easiest and best ways to sell your gear in order to be able to afford to buy new items in this 2022 peak season. All you have to do to get paid is make an offer and have your gear picked up. As simple as that.

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