December 4, 2022


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Elinchrom releases FIVE – A 522ws cordless flash with 450 flashes at full power and charging via USB-C

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Elinchrom has announced the Elinchrom FIVE. It is a 522Ws battery operated moonlight that offers up to 450 full power pops on a single charge. It also features active charging, so you can keep it constantly charged while using it when you’re near the power. And we’re not just talking AC either. You can charge it from any USB-C source without the need for proprietary chargers or spare batteries.

It has a built in bi-color LED modeling light that is 26W steady and should be bright enough for some video applications too. It syncs up to 1/8000 with High Speed ​​Sync (yeah, we’re not talking that tail sync nonsense here), as well as TTL with manual locking and built-in Bluetooth for remote control via the Elinchrom Studio app without the need for the Elinchrom Bridge.

Although spare batteries aren’t really needed, they are available as you can charge them via a USB power bank while using them. Each battery achieves 450 full-power flashes when fully charged. And each battery has a USB-C connector, so even if you swap out your spare batteries to stay tethered, you can charge your spare batteries via a 65W USB PD battery or charger when not in use .

Elinchrom says that at 1 meter and ISO 100 with the 26cm reflector attached at the end it measures f/90.4 and at 2 meters f/32.8 – side note: I’m really glad manufacturers are starting to use useful ones Read gauges instead of keeping numbers! – with charging times from 0.01 seconds at minimum power to 1.6 seconds at full power. It has three modes of operation. Standard, Action and HSS, with flash color temperatures at 5600K, 5900K and 5500K respectively.


Of course, Elinchrom mount modifiers are used. So if you’re a Bowens Mount person, you’ll need some sort of adapter to get it working. But if you’ve already bought into the Elinchrom ecosystem, this will work with any Elinchrom mount modifiers you already own. If you don’t have modifiers, it comes with the Elinchrom Wide Reflector 16cm. It also comes with a 65W USB PD charger so you don’t have to buy a generic one from Amazon.

It’s another impressive looking light from Elinchrom and the ability to charge the batteries via USB PD is a feature I really hope we see from other manufacturers. Dedicated chargers are great and all, but if I didn’t have to have 5 different chargers because I have 5 different light models from the same manufacturer, that would be excellent!


The Elinchrom Five is available now for $1,849.99 as a single lighting kit that includes the Elinchrom FIVE light, battery, reflector, 65W USB-C charger, and a hard case to store it all. A dual kit is also now available for $3,659.99 that includes two lights, two batteries, two reflectors, two 65W chargers, and an Elinchrom storage back that holds both sets. For more information on the Elinchrom Five, visit the Elinchrom website.

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