December 4, 2022


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JPEGmini 3.5 adds more video features, including resolution resizing and M4V file support

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JPEGmini is a fantastic application that has become a must-have tool for many photographers who want to get their content out there – or those who just want to save hard drive space. Even though almost all of us depend on broadband these days, optimizing the file sizes of our websites, especially when it comes to images and videos, is still a priority so that they load quickly. And that’s where JPEGmini comes in.

It’s a popular tool and even works as a plugin right inside Photoshop, Lightroom, and Capture One. It also supports videos. Its main goal is to minimize the number of bytes your content consumes while preserving as much of the original quality as possible. The latest version, JPEGmini 3.5, focuses on the video features, bringing resizing, improved file support, and better performance.

It’s no big surprise that JPEGmini has added video support to its list of features. With more and more content on the internet these days being video, it was a logical choice. Support for videos was added last year and is gradually improving. The headlining feature in the latest update is the ability to resize your videos using standard built-in presets like 4K, 1080p, or 720p, or by manually setting custom dimensions. Ideal if you regularly record and render in 4K but want a more compact 1080p version for uploading to Facebook or other social media platforms.

JPEGmini already supported a range of video file formats including h.264 (AVC) MP4 and MOV files when video capabilities were originally added, but the new update adds M4V files to the mix as well. The JPEGmini team says that “support for all kinds of formats is still a work in progress,” but the new version is just another step toward that goal. They say that we can expect a size reduction of up to 50% in video files with an average of around 30%.


As often seems to be the case these days, the focus has been heavily on performance. They say the update “improved video performance with faster support,” but exactly how much improvement it’s over the old version isn’t clear. There isn’t much information on the site about benchmarks or estimated times – even on known consistent hardware like an Apple M1 system vs. Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve render times, or even vs. the previous version of JPEGmini.

Nevertheless, it has proven itself many times over for photographers. I’m sure the same goes for video shooters, especially those who want to minimize file size as much as possible for faster social media upload times!

You can learn more about JPEGmini or get your own copy at the JPEGmini website.

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