December 4, 2022


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Nikon’s high-resolution Z8 is said to be ‘production-ready’, but parts shortages are delaying release until 2023

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The hypothetical Nikon Z8 has been rumored for a long time. Back in September 2019 we saw leaks and reports that Nikon was working on a 60MP camera that was expected to be the Nikon Z8. Many of us expected to have been released by now, but that is not the case. However, it seems that Nikon has not been resting on its laurels. Oh no. In fact, the latest word is that the Z8 is “completed/ready for production”.

It seems the Nikon Z8 is indeed ready to go, and the only thing holding it back is the ongoing silicon shortage. It’s still expected to pack a 60-70(ish) megapixel sensor and will draw level with the recently announced Sony A7R V in terms of target audience. It will be a high-resolution camera, aimed at landscapes, fine art portraits and other photography where resolution is important.

According to Nikon Rumors, “The design of the Nikon Z8 camera is finalized/ready for production and the only issue holding back the official announcement is the continued parts shortage”. And that makes a lot of sense. Although camera announcements from several manufacturers are coming at their usual pace, the parts shortage has meant that many of these cameras are unavailable.

Canon, for example, apologized for the shortage of Canon EOS R6 Mark II cameras less than a week after the original announcement. And it’s not the only camera. Canon has announced the same issue with the EOS R7 and a range of lenses. Sigma has also apologized for not being able to keep up with demand, and Sony has completely halted orders for several cameras, lenses and other products for months.

Nikon Rumors believes we may hear a development announcement in early 2023, with an official announcement in March and an actual shipping date in May. While that would be a couple of months later than previous flagships like the Nikon D5 – which had a development announcement in November 2015 with a release announcement in January 2016 and shipped a couple of months later – it’s not too far off that schedule.

Whether or not that schedule materializes remains to be seen, but the Nikon Z9 can’t sustain the company forever, and it’s been a while since we’ve had another full-frame camera announcement from Nikon – and even the Z9 was over before one year – so the sooner they can announce something, the better.


Looking for a high-resolution Nikon Z8? How long are you willing to wait?

[via Nikon Rumors]

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