December 4, 2022


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PSA: Don’t update yet – Sony is pulling Sony FX3 and FX30 firmware updates after bootloop bug cripples cameras

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Well, this post was about the newly released firmware update for the Sony FX3 and Sony FX30 digital cinema cameras that Sony announced yesterday. This post is still about the new firmware version but not just that they released it. It seems there are bugs and Sony has since removed both the FX3 and FX30 firmware updates from their websites while they figure out the problem.

For Sony FX3 users, the news looks like the new v2.01 firmware is probably fine, but a number of FX30 owners who have updated their cameras to the latest v1.01 firmware have reported an error, which keeps her camera in a constant boot loop where it just powers up, shuts down, rinses and repeats. Several users have posted a video of the phenomenon and shared their experiences on social media.


While the issue appears to only affect the new v1.01 update for the Sony FX30, Sony has removed both the FX30 and FX3 firmware updates from their website and blocked downloads while they investigate and try to find a fix Find. An explanation on the download pages for both camera firmware updates reads:

Important NOTE

It has been confirmed that some updated products may not work properly in some cases.
Sales are suspended as we are currently investigating the cause.
If the problem (unstable operation such as repeated reboots or improper functioning) occurs immediately after the update, please request a repair. (November 18, 2022)

The firmware for the Sony FX30 wasn’t a massive update, it just fixes a few issues and ironically improves “the operational stability of the camera”. To Sony’s benefit, the majority of FX30 users don’t seem to be reporting any negative issues with the new update at all. So maybe it’s limited to specific regions, batches, or cameras with very specific components. Here is the full list of changes for firmware v1.01 for the Sony FX30:

Fixes an issue where the movie file rotated in the camera may not be rotated on the computer. About.Improves the operational stability of the camera

As mentioned above, Sony FX3 owners don’t seem to have reported a similar experience with the update, but Sony has removed both firmwares from their website. So if you didn’t download the new update before it was removed, you’re pretty safe and just have to wait for Sony to fix it and upload a new version of the firmware. And there’s no news on when that might be.


If you’ve already downloaded it but haven’t installed it yet… Well, whether you’re shooting with an FX30 or an FX3, it’s probably a good idea not to install it at all. Even if your camera doesn’t have any issues, the changes in the firmware are small enough that they won’t be a problem for most people. So is it really worth the risk to find out?

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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