December 4, 2022


Capturing Magic Moments

Sell ​​your prints for the holidays the easy way!

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I’ve always wanted to sell my photography as art, but always felt that doing it myself would take too much time or that the quality of online platforms was too low. Until I found a solution that meant very little work for me and didn’t compromise on quality, pricing, or customer support. If that sounds too good to be true, then read on for an in-depth look at’s new storefront, which now gives you more tools and features to easily get your prints online during the holidays to sell.

What is darkroom?

Darkroom is a platform that helps every creator to sell their artworks. Within minutes of signing up, you can have a shoppable art gallery live with global distribution. All you have to do is upload your work and set your prices, and Darkroom will take care of the rest: printing, shipping, and customer service. Let’s dive into some of their other cool features!!

3D renderings

Anders and Theo, the passionate co-founders behind this contemporary, easy-to-use print shop, have taken the site to a whole new level with some groundbreaking features that allow any photographer to sell their work in minutes.

Formerly known as, these photographer-turned-entrepreneurs have now secured the domain name, and with it an impressive list of features that allow you, the photographer, not only to offer your clients more options, but but also show your work in the form of 3D renderings in your personalized gallery.

These 3D renderings of your prints allow customers to click and rotate the print to get a full idea of ​​how your product will look in person and on the shopper’s wall. This new feature for Darkroom Plus users, their paid membership, takes the experience to a more interactive level and invites your customers to visualize your work in a really beautiful and professional way.

Art paper options

We all know how important quality is to our precious work. When you sell your prints online you want to be sure that your photos will be printed carefully, accurately and on the best possible paper available to the customer.

Darkroom works with reputable printers around the world who treat your photos as carefully as you do. I have personally sold many prints to customers from rural Australia to Germany and each customer has been blown away by the quality of the prints received. I have also ordered samples for myself which is a great feature offered to anyone with a gallery and allows you to order at cost plus shipping. You really can’t beat the feeling of seeing your work in print, and if you’re used to seeing your images on a device, it will remind you why prints are still so popular today.

There are now more choices than ever when it comes to paper choices, ranging from the professional grade Kodak Luster paper, which is a consistent winner, to a fine art paper (Moab Entrada), which of course comes at a higher price point but will offer that extra luxurious feel to those who are serious about their prints. Also available are canvas and metal prints, and a variety of sizes from 8×10 to the massive 40×80!

Each option in your gallery can be easily toggled on or off depending on what you, the creator, want to offer your prospects. This gives you complete control over how your personal style and brand is conveyed, and I personally love the flexibility to upload different images and play around with what I provide to my audience.

time poor? Let the darkroom do the work

Selling prints all by yourself and handling them from start to finish can be a time-consuming and stressful experience, especially during the holiday season. There’s a lot to consider, and there can be a learning curve in working it all out so that you, the creator, have some cash in your back pocket after the sale. Darkroom manages literally everything including printing, fulfillment and customer support, even for international orders.

Finding time can often be the obstacle for us to take the next step in our creative journey or side hustle, and with all the logistics, Darkroom offers you a passive income of sorts from your photography. All you have to do as a creator is upload your work, set your prices and start! The Darkroom team takes care of the rest.

Offer store-wide sales

With the frenzy of Black Friday sales and Christmas fast approaching, it’s business wise to offer your customers a discounted price for your beautiful work. In the past, this was only possible via a creator-generated discount code, but with the launch of the new website, creators can now activate banner discounts, which are displayed at the top of your gallery page and are visible and redeemable to anyone who visits your store. This is perfect for the holiday season which is fast approaching.

You can also set up private discount codes that are given at your own discretion. I often send these directly to people commenting on a post on Instagram that loves my work, or use them to get people to visit my shop and browse my work.

Creators can now download customer data from their past sales, a huge game changer that allows photographers to connect directly with their customer base and market to them in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to send a customer an email thanking them, build that relationship and get feedback straight from the source. It’s a well-known fact in the marketing and business world that returning customers are more likely to buy again when they’re satisfied, and spend more too! Personally, I’ve had many returning customers at my darkroom shop who often purchased two or more prints at a time, so I can vouch for that theory.

Free versus Plus accounts has two types of memberships, free and plus memberships. The free membership comes with the basic tools to start a gallery and sell your work, but if you want those extra additions that really amp up your storefront and give you more control, then it’s definitely worth signing up for Sign up for a Plus membership.

I started with the free version and in hindsight I would have made more money if I switched to Plus as the percentage of total sales is much lower and I’ve had months where I’ve sold quite a few prints. Darkroom offers all users a 14-day free trial of the Plus option so you can take a look and see what best suits your needs. Whichever you choose, the user experience is so simple and seamless that this service is accessible to any artist, and we need more of that right now!

Wait, there’s more

The minds behind this ingenious printing service don’t just stop at these updates. Coming soon there will be options for downloadable renders, signed prints and certificates of authentication, custom domains and more!

If you want to learn more about the Darkroom co-founders, check out my recent podcast interview with Theo and Anders for an in-depth look at how they started as a company, why printing your work is an integral part of the photographer’s life. and also to hear some pro tips on how best to market these holidays and sell more of your work.

What are you waiting for? Create your shop now!

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