December 4, 2022


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Sirui’s new Saturn 35mm T2.9 full-frame 1.6x anamorphic cine lens is smaller than a can of Coke

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Sirui has announced its new Saturn 35mm T2.9 full-frame carbon fiber 1.6x anamorphic lens. Designed for lightweight and portable shooting, the new lens is smaller than a coke can and designed for use on cameras with gimbals and even FPV drone rigs – at least cinema ones, not cinewhoops! Thanks to the use of carbon fiber in the lens barrel, the lightweight construction measures just 100-103mm long depending on the mount.

It’s one of the few third-party lenses I’ve seen that comes in a DJI DL mount. So it can be used with DJI Ronin 4D gimbal stabilized cinema camera. It is also available with RF mount for use with Canon cameras and the RED Komodo and V-Raptor, and E-mount for the full range of Sony mirrorless and cinema cameras. It comes in two flare options and has a 1.6x squeeze ratio.

Because it’s “smaller than a smartphone,” the Lean is 60.48mm in diameter and 100-103mm in length, depending on which mount you get. However, for such a small lens it’s quite hefty, weighing between 390g and 425g – again depending on the mount. But it’s not ridiculously heavy, and given its small size, it should be relatively easy to balance on gimbals, even on non-Ronin 4 mirrorless and cinema cameras.

Focal length 35 mm Max. aperture T 2.9 Min. aperture T 16 Angle of view Unspecified Format Full frame Mount Canon RF, Sony E, DL Mount Lens type 1.6 x anamorphic Focus type Manual focus Focusing distance 120 ° Min. focus distance 90 cm Optics 18 elements in 13 Groups Filter Size 58mm Aperture Blades 10 Dimensions 60.48×100-103mm Weight 390-415g

As seems to be the trend these days, the Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 is available in two different flare options. One offers the classic anamorphic blue horizontal that we are used to with this type of lens, while the other delivers more natural flares that change color depending on the color of the light source that creates the flares. Of course, you only get one look per lens. So if you want both options, you’ll need to buy two lenses.

According to Sirui, it offers a constant squeeze ratio that maintains aspect ratio as you shift focus so things stay the same shape throughout. Focus breathing looks very controlled and fairly minimal, so it doesn’t seem like you’re massively changing focal length by dragging focus from one end of the range to the other.


An anamorphic lens that squeezes the horizontal field of view into a narrower frame – and essentially has two focal lengths in one – the Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9’s actual horizontal field of view is similar to that of a standard 22mm rectilinear lens. That means it’s fairly wide, making it ideal for setup shots or wide drone-based landscape shots. It also allows you to have a wider field of view in tighter spaces indoors.

On a 3:2 sensor it is decompressed to a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. On a 16:9 sensor, it is equalized to a 2.8:1 aspect ratio. And while it offers the field of view of a standard 22mm full-frame rectilinear lens, it offers a depth of field ratio that better matches a 35mm rectilinear at shorter distances to better separate the subject from the background. Of course, you also get that oval anamorphic bokeh.


The Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 full-frame carbon fiber 1.6x anamorphic lens will be available for pre-order soon for $1,099 on the Sirui website in Canon RF, Sony E, and DJI DL mounts. This price is an early bird offer with a 15% discount on the regular price. Once this discount expires, the normal price will be $1,299.

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