December 4, 2022


Capturing Magic Moments

The CosmoCap is another camera body cap that allows you to embed an Apple AirTag tracker

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Apple AirTag’s popularity seems to be increasing all the time. With the level of theft, especially from photographers, it’s no big surprise that more and more photographers are turning to AirTags and similar tracking devices to ensure they know where their gear is at all times. However, the problem arises when you have an AirTag in your bag and thieves dismantle the gear while you dispose of the bag. The pursuit will lead you to an empty pocket.

This is where the CosmoCap comes into play. At least as far as the cameras themselves are concerned. It’s a camera body cap that allows you to embed an Apple AirTag or similar tracking into the built-in slot. It’s very similar to the AirCap we featured a few months ago, and it’s similarly priced (at least for now). But this one launches via Kickstarter instead of being sold directly. It’s also more of an ecosystem than a single product.

The CosmoCap system consists of two parts. Your tracker goes into what the company calls a “satellite,” which is essentially a small silicone pouch. This then slides into a slot in the actual CosmoCap body cap and holds your tracker in place when mounted to your camera. The Satellite can be used alone without the body cap if you want to store trackers in your bags and suitcases without it just rolling around.

Sure, you could just toss the label loosely in your case, but meaning Silicone Satellite, it’ll be a lot quieter as it rolls around and won’t draw attention to something rattling around there. In addition to Apple’s AirTag, the Satellite also fits on Tile trackers. And the fact that it’s hidden in the body cap means it’ll be tracked even if a thief removes it from your pocket.


The concept is great, and while I get the custom look of body caps like these – just like any product from any company – they somehow draw attention. It won’t be long before thieves can spot these products (or read what’s printed on them) and simply remove them. I wish they looked like the original caps or even the cheap $2 generic ones on eBay and a little less “HEY! LOOK AT ME!”.

If you want to learn more about CosmoCap and support the campaign, visit Kickstarter. Early bird promises have the CosmoCap for $50 in Sony E or Canon EF/RF and Cine PL mounts.

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