December 4, 2022


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Tokina’s new SZ Pro 300mm, 600mm and 900mm lenses are now available on Indiegogo

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Tokina has now fully unveiled the new 300mm f/7.1, 600mm f/8 and 900mm f/11 lenses that were announced a few weeks ago. The trio of lenses are available now on Indiegogo, and the specs and prices don’t look bad. The lenses are a slightly new take on the old SLR lens format, designed specifically for APS-C mirrorless lenses, so they’re extremely small for their long focal lengths.

They don’t come in a wide range of mounts and I hope more will be added in the future, but for now it’s the Sony E, Fuji X and Canon EF-M. The latter is an odd choice given that EF-M is essentially a dead system now. Since these are manual focus lenses, hopefully we’ll see it for the Canon RF and Nikon Z (and maybe even Micro Four Thirds) at some point.

The main selling points of these lenses are the fact that they are so small and light. And, well, given their focal lengths, they certainly are, even compared to previous generations of SLRs. According to Tokina, they have excellent chromatic aberration suppression with low levels of flare and ghosting. And while for many sports and wildlife shooters they won’t replace long, fast and expensive glass, for the rest of us they represent a budget option.

The lenses have built-in mounts, so you can’t swap them from one camera system to another. And since these are already mirrorless mounts, adapting to other systems – like DSLR lenses with longer flanger distances – isn’t really possible. They offer a 270° focus ring throw, which means they should offer fairly precise focus control for both stills and video, and of course they offer the typical “donut bokeh” associated with SLR lenses.

SZ 300mm Pro Reflex F7.1 MF CFSZ 600mm Pro Reflex F8 MF CFSZ 900mm Pro Reflex F11 MF CFSFocal length300mm600mm900mmAperture/7.1 (fixed)f/8 (fixed)f/11 (fixed)Image circleAPS-CAPS-CAPS-COptics8 elements in 8 groups8 elements in 8 groups7 elements in 7 groupsFilter size (front)46mm77mm86mmFilter size (rear)34mm34mm34mmViewing angle5.4° Fuji/Sony, 5.1° Canon2.7° Fuji/Sony, 2.6° Canon1.8° Fuji/Sony, 1.7° CanonMinimum Focus Distance0.92m1.77m2.61mMacro Ratio1/2.51/2.51/2.5Focus TypeManual FocusManual FocusManual FocusDimensions61 x 74.5mm88.6 x 125mm96.1 x 168mmWeight235g545g725g

Tokina says they specifically chose mirror lenses because most existing SLR lenses on the market were designed for DSLRs. They were designed for film and early DSLR resolution. But they say the technology has come a long way since then and that mirror lenses have had to evolve to take advantage of today’s quality camera offering. The lens technology itself, they said, needs to be renewed.


The lower number of elements in these lenses, compared to the often high number found in more traditional super-telephoto lenses, means mirror lenses have better control over things like chromatic aberration, Tokina says. The downside of mirror lenses, of course, is that they typically have slow, fixed apertures, and these are no exception. The 300mm, 600mm and 900mm lenses have apertures of f/7.1, f/8 and f/11 respectively and cannot be adjusted. You can’t stop Of course, they’re pretty slow shutters anyway, so you probably wouldn’t need to.

The donut bokeh inherent in SLR lenses due to the covered mirror in the center front of the lens is a desirable trait for many in this type of lens. But for others, it’s a very undesirable and distracting feature, especially if you’re shooting sports or wildlife. What’s better or worse is really subjective and depends entirely on what you’ve shot and the intended end use of the images.


Tokina’s latest offerings appear to be among the better SLR lenses available today in terms of image quality. They still wouldn’t compete with something like the Canon RF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM, but that’s why these lenses don’t cost $17,000. You are not a competitor. They are designed to make it possible for those who would otherwise never be able to afford a super-long lens.

Right now, the Tokina SZ Pro 300mm f/7.1, 600mm f/8, and 900mm f/11 lenses are available on Indiegogo for $322, $484, and $565, ​​respectively. All three lenses are available with Sony E, Fuji Z and Canon EF-M mounts. For more information, see the campaign page.

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