December 4, 2022


Capturing Magic Moments

Watch the very first video of an octopus changing color while dreaming

1 min read

If you’ve ever watched a cat or dog sleep, you could tell if they were dreaming. But did you know that you can also tell when an octopus is dreaming? In fact, you can probably even roughly guess what it’s dreaming about.

Professor David Scheel witnessed a remarkable moment when an octopus dreamed and rapidly changed color while sleeping. He filmed the whole thing, and it may be the first time a dreaming octopus has ever been caught on camera.

I stumbled across the video while scrolling through Facebook and was blown away. During the color change, Professor Scheel describes what the animal could be dreaming of. It may have seen a crab that went completely dark as it left the bottom in its dream. It then moved closer to its prey in camouflage, so the crab would not notice its presence. It’s like people talking in their sleep or dogs running after a rabbit in a dreamland.

I knew octopuses change color to warn their enemies, to camouflage themselves when hunting, or to express fear or anger. I had no idea they could do it while daydreaming about all these things and I find it fascinating.

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